New Claims

In the event that the assured is involved in any incident that may result in a loss recoverable by the insurance policy the assured must:

Notify their agent/broker of the incident immediately and provide the following information:

  • Full details of the loss, including date, location, cause and damage

  • Description of the property involved

  • The names and addresses of any injured persons and the nature of their injuries

  • The names and addresses of witnesses

Notify the Coast Guard in the event of a collision or injury. Notify the police in the event of all theft losses and obtain a police case number. Notify the fire department in the event of a fire.

The assured must complete and sign a Vessel Accident Report form. (Click to open attachment) 

If appointed to an adjuster or surveyor, the assured is required to permit our representative to inspect any and all damages before repairs are made.  Take all necessary steps to prevent further damage from occurring; the reasonable costs related to preventing further damage for a recoverable claim should be covered by your policy.  No repairs which are not immediately necessary to protect the property from further damage are allowed without our prior permission. If such repairs are undertaken, we do not have to reimburse the assured for these expenses.

Once the vessel has been inspected by our representative the assured will be responsible for authorizing repairs.  Repairs can only be made once repair estimates have been obtained and are provided to our representative.  The assured should be aware that our representative, which is usually a surveyor or adjuster, is unable to authorize any repairs or comment on coverage issues. They are appointed on our behalf to determine the cause, nature and extent of damage and to review and approve/disallow all repair costs.  When repairs are complete, the assured is responsible for paying and documenting all repair accounts and forwarding invoices to the appropriate representative, surveyor, or adjuster.  

The assured should discuss all coverage issues with their agent/broker.

Please check all policies for limitation periods following physical damage repairs as there may be time requirements for submission of claims.

The assured is required to cooperate fully with us in the investigation and settlement of all claims.  Furthermore, once the loss has been paid by us any rights of recovery will be transferred to us and the assured must continue to cooperate and assist in our recovery efforts.  In the event of a recoverable claim under the assured’s insurance policy, where an assured is unable to arrange payment of repair invoices approved by underwriters, contact your agent in order for alternative arrangements to be considered.

In the event of a claim where an action or suit may be brought against the assured by another party, the assured shall not assume any obligation or admit any liability, without the written approval of underwriters. The assured shall, whenever required, assist in effecting settlements, securing and giving evidence, obtaining the attendance of witnesses and attend hearings and trials.

Brokers reporting urgent claims, please contact:

Dave Pahkala, Claims Manager

Direct Tel: 604 806-0882