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About Us

Competitive Marine Products Through Principled Innovation


We are a Managing General Agency and cover-holder on behalf of Lloyd’s of London and a solely owned subsidiary of Sunderland Marine Insurance Company Ltd.

HMU has been a marine underwriting specialist since 1976.  We pride ourselves on our exceptional service which comes from our highly skilled and knowledgeable staff.  At HMU we place a great deal of importance on ensuring we stay current in our industry. We deliver ‘Competitive Marine Products through Principled Innovation’ and exercise a flexible and common sense approach in our claims handling in order to achieve the best possible result for our clients.

HMU operates across Canada, in the USA and Central America providing full Underwriting and Claims expertise in the following areas:

Commercial Hull, Commercial P&I, Marine Liabilities, Excess Liabilities, Pleasure Craft

We are currently members of the Marine Insurance Association of British Columbia and the Canadian Board of Marine Underwriters.


The underwriting agency was originally founded in 1976 as Harlock Williams Lemon Ltd. representing insurers and reinsurers in Canada and the U.S.A.   In 2003 the agency purchased Murray Underwriting Limited, and the newly combined operation was renamed Harlock Murray Underwriting Ltd.  Sunderland Marine Insurance Company Ltd. has been involved in the ownership of HMU since 2001 and acquired full ownership in 2011. 

In 2014 Sunderland merged with the North of England P&I Association (North) and it remains a separately regulated company and a subsidiary of the North Group.

Over the last 40 years, the Harlock Murray Underwriting name and offering has grown in prominence, particularly in the West Coast region. To further this growth, on 1 November 2016, Sunderland Marine and Harlock Murray Underwriting Ltd. consolidated all of our North American business under the Harlock Murray Underwriting brand.  As part of this reorganisation, Harlock Murray Underwriting remains a subsidiary of Sunderland Marine but all business written in North America is now backed by the world leading Lloyd’s of London. Through our new security, we will continue to provide excellent service levels and a new range of products that will allow us to offer a more tailored insurance solution to our clients while maintaining and delivering “A” rated capacity. 



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